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The leader in espresso.
Now, a disruptor in drip coffee

Americans have always loved their drip coffee. And while the speciality coffee category had exploded, drip coffee had become a little stale. Enter the launch of De’Longhi’s first-ever drip coffee machine, TrueBrew -a revolutionary automatic drip coffee experience designed forboth quality and convenience.


product sales in the first
two months of 2023 launch



point increase in
brand awareness

From the Woo Feelings Report, our proprietary research tool, we knew that De’Longhi was not only perceived as an authority, but as an emotional leader in the world of espresso, evoking feelings of pride and admiration. We wanted to harness those feelings to drip coffee drinkers while peeking their curiosity, positioning TrueBrew not simply as another me-too offering, but as an innovative disruptor in the category.

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Something big is brewing.

The promise? The freshest coffee, from bean to cup in just a touch. First, we teased TrueBrew’s arrival on social. We created a premium, immersive experience that evoked the senses and ignited the interest of coffee snobs everywhere. We imbued the aspirational ease of drip coffee from freshly ground beans at home —all while exuding the sophistication and premium experience of De’Longhi.

Introducting TrueBrew

Feel curious.

From NY to LA to Toronto, we took a bold and graphic approach to digital outdoor, setting us apart from all the noise. And across the month of March, De’Longhi’s normally espresso feed was taken over by TrueBrew. At every touchpoint, we created communications that helped inspire, educate and sell. Sell out, to be exact.

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Together, we helped De’Longhi revolutionize the category of drip coffee. Suddenly, drip was anything but drab.