When potential clients ask us, “Why The Woo?” they’re not only interested in our agency’s core strengths, they’re also just plain curious about our name. The answer to both questions is the same:

No, we’re not a Chinese-owned agency (despite the scent of Moo Shu pork after late night brainstorming sessions). But we do adhere to a collective of eastern-inspired, agency philosophies we call our TAO of WOO which helps lead our clients to Chi.

To put it in adspeak, Chi is a brand force. It gives a brand energy. So what happens when The Woo helps a brand find its Chi? Suddenly, people start talking. Conversations ensue. Buzz happens. Sales are energized. And a momentum takes hold.

Brands that achieve Chi emerge stronger, more focused, and are a vital force to be reckoned with.

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