Program integration is a vital part of The WOO’s DNA. Whether it’s integrating across multiple media or the creative and planning departments collaborating with the media team, we always look for synergies that make big ideas even bigger. The WOO and Integration are the best combo since beef and broccoli.
The WOO creative and planning teams have been bred on developing the right strategic blend of media tactics and targeted messaging to engage and resonate with different lifestyles. Our diverse group of strategic thinkers, innovative planners, writers, art directors, designers and global implementers are immersed in digital, pop culture and cutting edge technologies to develop impactful ideas that flourish across multiple platforms.

Our integrated approach to media buying, planning and activation delivers the precise media mix to generate massive response and awareness amongst specific segments and lifestyles. The integrated media elements always work hand-in-hand to tap into the buying cycles of consumers while blurring the lines between social, traditional and non-traditional approaches. Quite simply, it makes every program feel bigger to the consumer, which produces higher engagement and greater impact.

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